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Description of Used Forklift 2.5 Ton & 3 Ton Cheap Price

Forklift Cheap 88 offers quality used forklifts ranging from 2.5 tons to 3 tons capacity. For those of you who are in need of a forklift to get work done in the warehouse quickly, you can buy our used forklifts at very cheap prices!

You can prove the quality of the used forklifts that we offer yourself by buying them, we guarantee that you will not regret buying a used forklift from us because the used forklifts we offer have been polished and repaired as much as possible so that they can work optimally.

Not only in terms of quality, the brands of used forklifts that we offer also vary according to your wishes, available for Toyota, Nichiyu, Komatsu, Yale, Hyster, Jungheinrich and others.

There are also various forklift models available here, such as diesel forklifts, electric forklifts, gasoline forklifts and reach trucks. What are you waiting for? Order a forklift according to your needs here, get attractive discounts and bonuses that we have prepared for you!

Free shipping is available to Jabodetabek and surrounding areas, for delivery to other areas we can consider getting free shipping. A service guarantee is also available, if you need the forklift spare parts you bought, you can also buy them here or elsewhere, because some of the used forklifts that we offer are easy to find anywhere.

If you have questions about the used forklifts that we offer, you can directly ask us or our marketing via the number at 0856 157 3188, we are always ready to help you anytime and anywhere 🙂