Forklift CT Power Murah 2022

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Deskripsi Forklift CT Power Murah 2022

Ingin mempunyai forklift murah berkualitas? Hubungi kami sekarang ke HP/WA : 0856 157 3188, 0852 8626 9999 dan e-mail :

Saat ini kami ready stock Forklift CT Power kualitas prima dan siap di gunakan kapanpun. Tersedia layanan pengiriman ke seluruh wilayah di Indonesia dengan durasi lebih cepat.

Ayo, segera pesan Forklift murah berkualitas merek CT Power dari kami dan dapatkan berbagai bonus menarik yang sudah kami sediakan untuk Anda.

Forklift CT Power dilengkapi dengan berbagai fitur canggih, performa dan sistem nya pun sudah di upgrade, supaya dapat bekerja lebih optimal.

Peningkatan fitur dan performa juga sudah termasuk dalam upgrade tersebut. Sekarang ! Sudah waktunya Anda mendapatkan forklift berkualitas dengan harga yang cukup terjangkau.

Dapatkan Forklift CT Power Murah & Berkualitas sekarang !!

Forklift CT Power : Perfomance Upgrade & Brake System Upgrade ✔

Increase Heat Dissipation Space

  • Faster heat dissipation (increase ventilation and improve heat transfer by 30%)
  • New full-aluminum radiator

Stronger Load Capability

  • Load capacity increase by 10%
  • Lifting and lowering speed increase by 10% (greatly improve work efficiency)
  • Brake level increases  40 mm
  • Pedal force reduce by 10%
  • Offers easier operation

Forklift CT Power “provide the highest level of operating comfort and high performance with low maintenance cost”

Comfortable Upgrade ✔

  • Comfortable Operating Space
    Ergonomic design minimizes operator fatigue from working long hours, increases operating space, improves work efficiency, and makes drives more comfortable operating the forklift.
  • Low Noise & Low Vibration
    Imported type damping cushion, vibration reduce by 20%
    Sound damping material installed beneath the foot pedal, decreases noise by 5%
  • Easy to Read Digital Instrument
    Digital instrument panel, more intuitive and accurate. Easier maneuver of Forklift
  • New Hydraulic System + Smaller Steering Wheel
    Make drivers easier to maneuver, more flex reduce operating force by 16% and greatly improve work efficiency
  • Imported Brand O-rings
    German-imported brand NOK O-rings prevents oil leakage and improve product quality with high resistance to hot and cold environment
  • Sealed hydraulic oil cover plate greatly reduces contamination

Safety Upgrade ✔

  • Unibody Frame
    Boltless, unibody welding increases strength by 20%, increases security, durable structure allows the forklift to handle uneven surfaces and curvy paths and can withstand rigorous transporting operations
  • Neutral Gear Start Function
    Added neutral gear start function, greatly improving driving safety and avoid damages caused by wrong operation